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Providing BPA free silicone products for families.

Silicone baby ProductsIf you are looking for safe silicone products for babies or your family is the place to start. We offer a wide selection of silicone based products to help you during these beautiful days. Silicone is a generally great compound for baby products for several reasons.

The first is of course that it does not harbor germs and particulates that can breed and cause illness. Silicone is almost always bacteria free which makes it great for children that may or may not keep their eating habits as neat as they should.

Another great reason to choose silicone is of course that it is pliable. This means that a silicone baby cup is far less likely to hurt your baby on sharp edges. Silicone is pliable enough to be safe for baby but still sturdy enough to make plates, cups, bowls, and even eating utensils.


Our products are 100% BPA Free! 


When shopping for certain plastic products, such as baby bottles, you may notice that some of the products you find are labeled “BPA free.” However, if you aren’t familiar with BPA, you may wonder why this label matters. Below is some basic information about BPA and its dangers.

“BPA” stands for bisphenal A, a chemical compound first discovered in the late 1800s. Some years later, a polymer chemist discovered that BPA could be used to make plastic. Following this discovery, BPA was used to manufacture a variety of plastic products, including many brands of baby bottles. Read more here.

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